An uploaded playlist of tunes suitable for a wedding ceremony. Are you getting married? I am available in the region and have been performing at weddings for 40+ years. I can also arrange the reception music.

A playlist consisting of an entire concert of classical, flamenco and Brazilian music by Michael and Tony Hauser in 1988. 

Music from 16th century Spain performed on a vihuela with a few songs with tenor Michael Ziegahn

A varied collection of tunes in a playlist entitled

Various and Sundry

A playlist of tunes featuring flutist Betty Braunstein as a duo called "Rio Brio"

Brazilian Recorder Virtuosa Clea Galhano and Tony Hauser In Concert

A number of Soundcloud playlists. To visit the playlist page click on the title at bottom of window. For more information on each track-click track and then click "view track" on the right. You will be directed to the Soundcloud page.